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Whitetail Deer For Sale

Indian Mountain Ranch is a home to breeder bucks backed by some of the best genetics the industry has to offer. We are a WHITETAIL BREEDING-TC1 facility. Our goal is to consistently produce 300 Class Texas typical whitetails across the board. We accomplish this by stacking deer with consistent and predictable production throughout the lineage. Knowing the production of the dams and the sires is a critical factor in this process and gives us the best assurance for consistency and predictability, which are derivatives from the deer that make up the pedigree and knowing and seeing the production of the does combined with the common knowledge of the bucks within the lineage is an unparalleled advantage.

We take the best of what we have to offer and present it to you. Whether you’re in the deer industry or looking to get into the deer industry: breeding operation or hunting operation, we have the deer to meet your needs.

At Indian Mountain Ranch we strive to combine the best genetics available in the industry to provide you with some of the best Texas typical whitetails.

“Growing on a Strong Foundation”

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