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Texas Whitetail Breeding

Our Texas whitetail breeding program was developed with one thing in mind, to produce a superior whitetail herd for ourselves and the herds of our customers.

At Indian Mountain Ranch we have invested much time and resources to ensure the quality of our herd and the offspring they produce. We have accomplished this by identifying does early in our program that consistently produced big Texas typicals and then introduced proven and marketed genetics through them. We believe that the future of any ranch is in the quality of the doe herd, and in today’s deer industry any ranch has the potential to produce big deer.

At Indian Mountain Ranch, we strive to produce does that will consistently produce big and symmetrical Texas typicals. No great thing is accomplished overnight, but by discipline executed over the course of time.

If you want “new blood” in your herd that is ready for any outcross that the industry has to offer, come and visit us at Indian Mountain Ranch.

Every day we take steps to improve the genetics of our whitetail herd and yours. Your success is our success. Contact us today and schedule a visit to Indian Mountain Ranch.

We are a WHITETAIL BREEDING-TC1 facility.

“Growing On a Strong Foundation”

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